Winter is not far away

Where is your coat ?

You best be thinking ahead, cause if you live in the northern
part of the states their talking about it’s going to be a whopper
so I’m working on getting my ducks in a row & getting things up.

I just got the flooring for hubby’s trailer to be put down, & I’m
going to get some paint & curtains to spruce his living room up
& work on the food pantry & do some rearranging for more space.

We’re fixing to pay 6 mons on the water & 6 mons on the trash bill
so that will be out of our pockets for 6 months, THAT will help us
to work on paying 2 credit card bills off during them 6 mons.

Once them 2 bills are paid off THEN I can work on MY PLACE to
get it spruced up & that’s going to be my KITCHEN AREA 1st
with new cabinets, counter top, & double sink for starters.

I’m going to get a metal file cabinet & use it for my storage
room for like my bath soaps & shampoos & dryer sheets
that I’ll be storing up cause GUESS WHAT I HEARD just now?

115 THOUSAND rail workers are fixing to GO ON STRIKE YEAH
this is not good, & the GOV’T the ? president won’t do SQUAT
along with the REST OF THE CRAP they have caused for every 1.

People this is going to be REALLY BAD & if you don’t spread
the word It’s going to get SUPER BAD cause Texas isn’t playing
every IMMIGRANT that Abbott puts on a bus is going to BLUE
STATES ! ! !
So YEAH I’d be putting things in order if I was you.

You need to watch & listen to this REAL CLOSE this is REAL ! ! !

Just VISION šŸ‘€ what they are saying, hit REPLAY & listen again cause
this means what ever they move on rails won’t be in a store, hum hum
I can’t blame the workers to want what they deserve to be a rail worker.

But on TOP OF Everything ELSE, NOW THIS ! ! man O man, you might want
to keep your ears open with what’s going on cause this could crush us
to the brink of NO RETURN, I’m not going to be waiting, I’m going to be
doing what ever it takes to be ready for ANYTHING & I hope you will too

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