Stock tank pond & Aquarium update

I’ve been a little on the busy side for the past few days with
refreshing the 110 gal stock pond & it takes a few hrs to get
it 1/2 drained & filled back up again, While I was doing that.

I got to thinking about how to make a better filter for it too
so I thought about the BIG TALL coffee cans hubby saves &
I visioned it in my head & asked hubby for 1 of his coffee cans.

I got the can & my Dremel tool & started putting holes around
the top about a 1 inch B-low The BOTTOM of the coffee can
the top where the plastic lid comes off it’s now the bottom.

I made 2 rows of holes & 1 right in the MIDDLE of the top that
WAS the bottom originally, for the pipe to the pump to go in
after the filter can was all drilled & ready for the “OTHER STUFF”.

I put in what’s called filter battling to get all the fine particles
I got me a 20 count of plastic scrubbies & put 10 of them in the
can, & put some ceramic filter rings in last so when it filled.

I turn it UP-SIDE -DOWN where the plastic lid is the bottom &
the bottom is the top (photo B-low) if you hit the photo it may
enlarge to see it better, but that’s what I did & it does the job.

After 3 days I checked it & yeah, it was nasty but the pond was
just as clean & clear you would think it had a spring running
through it, so NOW being that was a test I’m doing 1 bigger.

I didn’t tell you that this filter sits in a plastic clear tote where
the MAIN WATER from the pond goes into the filter, in other
words the filter container sits in a 15 gal tote that flows into
the pond after it’s been through the filter to be filtered.

I’m also redoing my 75 gal aquarium with a new look & hope
to have it done by the wkend, with new gravel & background
on the back of it so it hides all the wiring, (3 lights & pump)

After I get it set back up I’ll make a short video of it so you
can see what it looks like & how it turned out I have a few
things I need to get & put it all together & it will be DONE.

I’m going to make it all black with leopard & zebra Danios
& with their colors & stripes in a black tank with green
plant’s through out the aquarium it’s going to be AWESOME.

Next Tuesday I’m going to be working on the double pond
for the next 3 days depending on the weather if the rain
holds off for that long, where I can put a good dent on it.

Where I can wrap it up & call it done for the year cause
I still need to put the rocks in & around it all & put a
over flow on it for it to over flow when we get a lot of rain.

Well folks that’s going to wrap it up for now, till next time
you all take care & be looking for my next post on here
so till then be kind to yourself & others & stay safe, bye. 👋

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