Hurricane season is HERE

Hurricanes is serious business

I’ve been in a few of them back when I use to live in Fla.
From the 80’s to 2008 that’s when we got tired of it all &
left, that’s how we ended up in Indiana & not going back.

My experience with hurricanes is you had better LISTEN
you keep your eyes on the weather channel at all times
during hurricane season which is from June to November.

Sometimes you get lucky with a few small 1’s & then again
you can get hit with a WHOPPER & they can be tricky too
where they don’t hit once but loop back around to hit again.

We’ve been lucky enough to not lose our house or any real
serious damage, that’s a blessing, but when Ivan & Denise
came just about back to back I was done with hurricanes.

If you watch this video where it shows the top part of Fla.
that’s what is called the PANHANDLE, we lived 45 mins from
PENSACOLA/GULF BREEZE Fla. that was our fishing spots.

Video time mark to look at of where Ivan was heading &
we were on the RIGHT SIDE of it so we got some NASTY
WEATHER, I was home in a double wide mobile home.

Hubby was on a run to god knows where doing his job
& as soon as he could get turned lose he came home
I kept my witts & told him I was fine & to get back on
the Simi & don’t worry about me, I got work to do, go.

You may be thinking that I was a little harsh on him
but there was a good reason why I didn’t want him
under my feet, I needed him on the road than at home.

The less stress he had to deal with the better things
were for me to deal with & do what had to be done
I marked the trees for him to cut I couldn’t cut down.

I cleaned up the whole 3 acres of what I could & left
the rest for him to cut when he comes back in & that
would keep him busy while I was doing other things.

I’d make sure we didn’t have to get on the streets to
get anything like gas food, water, till it was time for
hubby to get back to work, & I’d finish what was left.

Let it be known hurricanes is NO JOKE ! ! it can change
the way you think in a hurry once you’ve been in a few
& it pays to be on your toes, & HEED ALL WARNINGS.

Fla. & the southern states have some great places to
vacation at & do things, but hurricane season isn’t the
time, & the people who LIVE in the path of them, well ?

I feel really bad for everyone of them cause I was there
I know what hell they go through & how scary it is & how
bad they can get, hubby has family in Fla & Alabama & Tenn.

So if you ever go to visit, do it B-4 hurricane season hits
that goes for any & all southern states that’s known to get
hit with 1, well folks, I hope you learned something here.

Till next time, you all have a great safe wkend & stay in
touch, cause you never know what the next blog will be
I’ll be back in a few days take care.


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