On a new project

Wall painting living room

I’m done for the year with the pond I don’t have much to go on
getting it done when I start back on it next year as long as the
person I’m doing it for remembers I won’t put up with his drinking.

So being the pond is closed for the season, Hubby & I went & got
him a hard wood flooring to go down & I picked up 2 different
colors of paint to brighten up the place so it’s not so dingy looking.

It’s going to make the living room so much more brighter & better
than what was in there B-4, I’m going to try & get photos of it B-4
I start & after it’s doe so you can see the difference of what I mean.

I bought 2 different floor colors to offset just going with 1 color &
it will be so flipping cool looking & a 1 of a kind, & have to find
curtains that will go good with it so it doesn’t throw everything off.

If everything goes right I should have it done by Sunday this wk-ed
the only thing I’ll have to get will be the curtains & that will be DONE
then my next project will be the parking space in the back yard.

I’ll have to wait till next year to start with that cause winter is almost
here & we put everything on hold when it comes to outside projects
after the parking space is done THEN I can start with MY PLACE.

Something I’ve put off long enough & that’s my KITCHEN I’m tired
of the dingy old wore out cabinets & sink & counter top, it’s PAST
time I get what I have been putting off cause of the bills & money.

I’ve been saving back some extra cash to get what we both have
been needing for a good while & now $ isn’t a problem or excuse
It’s time to get it done & not think about moving & just stay put.

With the way the economy is right now & what it’s going to take
to get things CLOSE to what it was B-4 biden screwed up every 1’s
lives & the economy, there’s no sense in starting over at our age.

So instead of starting over, we’re just going to invest in what we
have & make the best of it the best way we can with what we got
we have been in worse & made it work, so this is it for us in life.


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