What else could go wrong ?

The Irish luck has struck

Hello my fellow readers, How’s it going? hope all is good
Thank You for stopping in, it’s been 1 of them weeks that
nothing seems to go right no matter how or what you do.

I have started working on the living room & it’s been 1
thing after another with getting it done like I want it
1st was the paint wasn’t the right color I was wanting.

2nd was the roller didn’t do the job like I was thinking
it should have & 3rd the tv/internet to have tv went
out, had to call the phone people to get it back going.

4th but not last the flooring we picked didn’t match up
where they snap together like I was SURELY looking at
going together, talk about having problems it never fails.

You might be thinking that this may not turn out right
but I can ASSURE YOU it will all come together at the
end after it’s all done, it’s just going to take some time.

1st things 1st I MADE the color I was looking for from the
2 colors of paint I got & 2nd instead of using the roller I
used a sponge 4 inch paint brush & we bought 4 more
box’s of the flooring to match up with the 4 box’s we got.

So now that I have all that back in order I can finish up
what’s left to get done in the living room & start in the
kitchen with the same colors but in a different sorta way.

I can say this, once the living room is done it’s going to
look a 100% BETTER than it was & I can’t wait to get it
done, but we have rain coming & the paint may not set.

Once the living room & kitchen is done we can set our
minds on getting the parking space done & out of the
way & THEN work on MY place with new cabinets & stuff.

So what’s my point in this blog ? to never give up on the
project your doing cause where there’s a will there’s
ALWAYS A WAY, you have to think how to make it work.


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