“ATTEN” Medicare alert

The White House is LYING TO US ALL
A MUST WATCH VIDEO on how they are ripping people off

People, I have to share this with you to warn you on how MEDICARE
has been & IS sucking the blood right out of you & your money ! ! !
I’m turning 65 next year & I’m not signing ANYTHING till I’m READY.

I know they can force it & stick you with it rather you want it or not
& expect you to pay it, NOPE NOT DOING IT ! ! ! they can go suck on a
donkey for all I care, cause I’m not falling for their B/S not me…

When it comes to a Dr or my health I’m VERY PICKY who I trust
& with the way things are with everything I don’t trust ANY 1 &
that’s the way I’ve always been about dr’s & hospitals & THIS.

People, PLEASE do your research & make DANM SURE you don’t
get stuck into something you will regret later, be SMART & don’t
jump on the 1st horse that comes through, be VERY PICKY & smart.

I can’t stress this enough, there are scammers everywhere & can
do 1 hell of a scam if your not careful & think about what is going
on with how many scammers can mess you up in a lot of ways.

If you value anything in life your health should be # 1 & # 2
should be your safety, those 2 should be your MAIN CONCERNS
that should go without saying, but I’m saying it anyway B-WARE.

You are welcomed to leave your thoughts on this & if you
have any tips for others please share them down below for
others to see we can’t have a conversation without talking.

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