There’s a lot going on

Hope that Everyone is having a safe great weekend
I’ve been busy painting hubby’s place getting ready
to put the floor in the kitchen & hallway next week.

I’m almost all done with the painting & we’ll decide
what we are going to do with the bathroom & the
laundry room last, after we do his bedroom next.

It won’t take much to finish the kitchen & hallway
but the bedroom is a MUST DO THING FOR ME, I’m
not sure how I’m going to do it but it will be done.

This is the color we came up with for the walls &
the flooring & it is a 100% better looking than what
it looked like B-4 I started on it, sorry no B-4 photos.

The top 2 colors is the paint we picked out
to go on the walls in the living room & kit,
with a wood like trim to break up the paint
in the living room but not the kitchen, what
I did in the kitchen was painted different.

I did the doors of the cabinets in the darker
color & the framing of the cabinets in the
lighter color & that really looks a lot better.

The hallway is the light color & the doorways
& frames are painted in the darker color to
break it up, it may not look like it would match
up, but I can tell you I was surprised that it does.

This is the flooring we went with in the
living room & kitchen the top 1 is in the
living room & the bottom 1 is the kitchen
& hallway, I’ll see if I can get some photos
after the floor is put down in the kit, & hall.

Now after I get done with that I have a shed
to get put up so I can put the the dogs straw
& cedar chips in so it’s easier to get to when
I need to & put their warm weather feeders.

Then after winter is over I’ve got a pond to
get finished & build us a parking space for
the utility trailer & a 1985 dodge van that
we have had since 1988 & in good shape.

But it WON’T be if it’s parked under these
trees that limbs keep falling on & putting
dents in the roof, so yea another MUST DO.

We may be up in age but when it comes to
getting things done we don’t mess around
we may be a little slow but we get it done.

I have a few things I’m thinking about
getting for the cabin while we knock out
what we have going now, so I’ll have them
on hand for when I start working on the
cabin, after everything else is done with.

Like picking out a flooring for the kitchen
& what paint I want for the cabinets I need
I also want a small pantry as well if possible.

Of course by doing the cabin last on the
list will give me time to get my $ up & get
the things I need B-4 the time gets here.

So that’s what I have going for the next few
mons after all of its done I’ll be ready to
enjoy the next few yrs doing what ever.

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