Shoppers Beware

Your money is crashing

Folks, Friends, & fellow readers, if you haven’t been noticing
the price your paying for stuff you buy you better pay attention
cause it’s just going to get 3-5 times WORSE so buyer BEWARE.

I have been noticing the prices go off the charts in the past
few weeks & it just blows my mind everytime I go in the store
& after I pay for what I buy, I just want to cry my eyes out. 😢

I’m glad God shown me what the future was going to look like
ahead of time & I jumped on what needed to be done ASAP
cause if I hadn’t of, we’d be in a WORLD OF HURT RIGHT NOW.

I hope you have done the same thing to be prepared for
what’s coming in a town near you no matter where you
live the value of the dollar is going down the drain. 😞

I started stocking up 6 yrs ago & I’ve got enough to last us
for the next 2 years if it comes down to it, the only thing I
don’t have enough of is dog food, 50 lbs. Bgs are now 40lbs.

I have 6 med-lg dogs on 24-7 feeders & it takes about 4
bags a month to keep them all fed, well the brand I buy
went from 19$ to 25-30$ 😱& not only that, but not even
a 50 lb bag at that, down to a 40 lb. this is CRAZY INSANE.

Went to get some freezer food the other day & they barely
had anything I was looking for, tv dinners, pot pies, beritos
Wheat bread, white bread has gone over a dollar now, W T ?

Thank God I have 2 freezers to fill with food, but if I can’t
get what I need what’s the point in having them right ?
I got 1 filled with meats milk & bread but that won’t last.

People I have been trying to keep you in the know of
what’s going on & sharing the stuff I have been hearing
so that it can get you prepared, I sure pray that you took
heed & started preparing for the worst time in your life.

This is no joke nor any fear factor this is STRAIGHT UP REAL
I don’t know what you are seeing in your neck of the world
but there’s a lot of people talking about what’s going on &
it’s not all in the news either, it’s hitting through out you tube.

So I’m not the only 1 that’s talking about this to help spread
the word, folks God says be prepared to face your enemies
head on & not fear for I am with you, but how do you face
this & not be concerned, worried or shaken & not prepare?

If you’re preparing, God bless you, If you’re not, Lord be with
you cause that might be all that can save you from hunger
God is the almighty, but sometimes he wants us to learn from
our mistakes in life & learn from others with their experience.

I wish you all the best in life & pray for your safety daily but
I also hope you take time to watch the 3 videos & learn from
them to help share the word to those that need to learn too.


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