This can’t be true

I don’t know what HAPPENED but I can sure say this
SOMETHING sure went wrong SOMEWHERE in the mix
since 2020 the last election, things haven’t been right.

Did you happen to watch the midterm from start to
finish? from the debates, the campaign talking
points, on to the election results? what happened?

I hope by Monday this was just a nightmare & I wake
up & everything is in place like we need it to be, but
something tells me it’s not & we’re in a major funk.

For those who voted for this person had to be
asleep or on some BAD CRACK cause there’s
NO WAY they were in their RIGHT MIND ! ! !

I feel really sorry for the people who are going
to suffer really bad for this decision, cause it’s
going to be felt ACROSS THE NATION real soon.

I’m speechless on how they got away with this
I’m confused on how they let this man win &
I’m so sorry for what’s to come in the future.

Please take time to read the comments on
each video & you will see what other people
are saying cause BELIEVE ME I’m not alone.

I just have to say be alert & have protection
in place, cause being we have Fetterman on
the left with his thinking we are not safe.

Criminals will be running around like flies
doing God knows what to people everywhere
worse than it is now, have plans in place.


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