Criminals & American rights

Our lives are being destroyed across the nation, by who ?
the MAIN PEOPLE from the white house, our ELECTED piers
from congress, mayors, senators, judges, law enforcement.

If you haven’t gotten the message on what the Gov’t is doing
to every state, city, county, then it’s time you start listening
to the news more or some of the people that’s warning us.

This is the time to wake up & pay attention & listen to what’s
going on in your community, area, city, town & the news cause
this could turn out to be YOU & YOUR FAMILY that face this too.

It’s time to take life serious & put what matters in high priority
the videos I share on my blogs, I watch all the way through so I

This is just what I’m talking about right here, Dan Bongino is 1
that tells it like he sees it & don’t pull no punches or beats
around the bush, & we need to start paying more attention.

I don’t know if your not interested in what our nation is going
through or just don’t care any more or what the deal is, but I
would like to get some feedback on what you think & feel.


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