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Time to clean the stock tank

I haven’t been paying much attention to the goldfish when I clean the tank out till today when it was that time again &😱WOW ! ! MAN HAVE THEY’VE GROWN ! ! so I got to thinking. Being I’m working on the pond at a friends place About a mile down the road, if it […]

Where is the common sense ?

I have been busy with a lot of stuff the past few days, but I have been keeping up with the news of all sorts of B/S that’s been going on lately & it seems to me that people have lost the COMMON SENSE in life. 🤔 I don’t know if you know what “read […]

Truth vs lies with Gov’t & God

Man OH MAN do I have something for you, look what God almighty has put B-4 me to share with you all here I’ve been saying this for a good long time & here it is. I laid out the videos just like God said to & if this isn’t scary what’s more scary is […]

This isn’t good at all

Pay EXTRA ATTENTION to these 2 + videos cause it’s going to hurt it’s not going to get any better any time soon as you listen to the 1st video I PRAY you take time to listen its VERY IMPORTANT. The 2nd video if you go to time mark 21;35 that’s where he starts talking […]

When do we call it QUITS?

It’s been a HARD-STEAMING 24 HRS, not just weather related, but mind steaming, trying to help a person get out of the mind set he’s in & get in a better life without the booze “beer” & depression state of mind. So I spent Friday evening into the night up to 1amworking on the pond […]

Where is all the help ?

Yesterday it was bill day & if you have kept up with my bill day post you know it’s a all day thing with us, cause we go to 2 different counties nowhere close together to pay bills. Well everything was going as normal for us & yes it was HOTup in the 90’s & […]

Can Things change for the better?

We are in a world of insanity where you can’t go or do anything in life without being killed in a shooting no matter where you are these days in a fast food place, work, stores, the streets it’s not safe anywhere. Your kids aren’t safe going to school but yet people still put them […]

Another weekend here & gone

It’s been a heck of a weekend for us with the weather & all we have been busy working on a few things that’s been put on the sidelines long enough, so we got them done & over. We got the outside cabin wall redone so rain doesn’t find it’s way in on heavy down […]

Happy Friday Friends

Where does the time go ? man, it feels like Friday was just here & here it is AGAIN ! time just flys by I was going to work a few days on the pond BUT ? Well 1 thing lead to another & the weather isn’t right & you know how it is & […]


If you ever see something like this KILL IT ! ! ! I just seen 1 in my place & she had eggs a BIG BATCH of them under her belly & MASSIVE SIZE talk about being creeped out, I may just sleep at hubby’s place tonight. I hit it with wasp spray & ant […]


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