This is where it all HAPPENS

Recycling plastic bottles

How many people recycle their plastic bottles? I do, why?cause recycling bottles cuts buying cost for other things it helps the planet, very useful in a lot of ways in life. I know it’s not good for me to drink sodas instead of water but I do, so I save a lot of bottles in […]

Time for reality to set in

Rather you choose to learn or not it’s up to you, I share the videos I put on my blogs for a reason to give you aheads up in what other people are talking about today. This lady has something everyone should & NEEDS to hear & Itotally agree with what she’s saying rather you […]

Criminals & American rights

Our lives are being destroyed across the nation, by who ?the MAIN PEOPLE from the white house, our ELECTED piersfrom congress, mayors, senators, judges, law enforcement. If you haven’t gotten the message on what the Gov’t is doing to every state, city, county, then it’s time you start listening to the news more or some […]

This can’t be true

I don’t know what HAPPENED but I can sure say this SOMETHING sure went wrong SOMEWHERE in the mix since 2020 the last election, things haven’t been right. Did you happen to watch the midterm from start to finish? from the debates, the campaign talking points, on to the election results? what happened? I hope […]

Shoppers Beware

Folks, Friends, & fellow readers, if you haven’t been noticing the price your paying for stuff you buy you better pay attentioncause it’s just going to get 3-5 times WORSE so buyer BEWARE. I have been noticing the prices go off the charts in the past few weeks & it just blows my mind everytime […]

There’s a lot going on

Hope that Everyone is having a safe great weekend I’ve been busy painting hubby’s place getting ready to put the floor in the kitchen & hallway next week. I’m almost all done with the painting & we’ll decide what we are going to do with the bathroom & the laundry room last, after we do […]

“ATTEN” Medicare alert

People, I have to share this with you to warn you on how MEDICARE has been & IS sucking the blood right out of you & your money ! ! !I’m turning 65 next year & I’m not signing ANYTHING till I’m READY. I know they can force it & stick you with it rather […]

What else could go wrong ?

Hello my fellow readers, How’s it going? hope all is good Thank You for stopping in, it’s been 1 of them weeks that nothing seems to go right no matter how or what you do. I have started working on the living room & it’s been 1 thing after another with getting it done like […]

On a new project

I’m done for the year with the pond I don’t have much to go on getting it done when I start back on it next year as long as the person I’m doing it for remembers I won’t put up with his drinking. So being the pond is closed for the season, Hubby & I […]

Hurricane season is HERE

I’ve been in a few of them back when I use to live in Fla. From the 80’s to 2008 that’s when we got tired of it all &left, that’s how we ended up in Indiana & not going back. My experience with hurricanes is you had better LISTEN you keep your eyes on the […]


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