This is where it all HAPPENS

Man O Man what happen ?

Well folks it looks like the peoples convoy has been duped by the “ORGNIZERS, yea you read that right it’s a shame too I’ve been going through videos getting the scoop of it all. Please excuse the language, but from what I’ve been watching & hearing they have a right to be P-Oed, I would […]


I’ve never had anything go easy or smooth for me in life I’ve always been taken advantage of in 1 way or another & I’m SICK & TIRED OF IT ! ! so it’s time that changes NOW. It’s been a full month since I tried to get our place paid off & I’ve been […]

Going back in time

You ever have times in life when you have to 2nd guess what’s going on to what you want done & you flip flop on what you have to do? well folksif you don’t that might not be a bad thing, & if you do, then I’m with ya. I’m always 2nd guessing things, cause […]

American people are rising up

I’ve always thought that if we the people needed a hand to change the laws of the gov’t something like this would rise above to take the challenge tomake a stand & American people would rise together this is AWESOME. This video is just 1 of many of the videos I’ve watched & it’s 1 […]

This is CRAZY !

I hope your paying close attention to what is going on in your state cause rather you know it or not we are being INVADED with illegal immigrants by the 1000’s & it’s going to wipeout Americans big time. This is a invasion of our country by none other than BOZO JOE & the nutty […]

Getting things done

Well folks we are getting things done 1 step at a time, we have the aquarium stand completed finally, I’m enthused how it turned out it’s not your everyday seen everywhere type aquarium stand. (diy) I come up with the idea of making a pvc pipe aquarium table yea you read that right BUT, it’s […]


I hate being put off or ignored or not taken serious when it comes to things that HAVE TO BE DONE ! like getting a deed/title to your property, or getting a place that is being remodeled & taking FOR EVER! ! I’ve called for the past 2 months on getting the title to the […]

What does the future hold?

With the way things are going it sure doesn’t look too promising for any 1 these days going into the future of corruption all across the states, high price inflation & a Government is the blame for it all it’s a disgrace. 😢 Americans have a right to feel free, NOT all this that the […]

Getting Things Done

Sometimes you have days that just lag by when you want to work on things like it really doesn’t matter when you get it done as long as it GETS done &then there’s days you want things done like LAST WEEK type stuff, that’s me. I’m the type person that when I want something done […]

Things are happening abroad

I’m getting things done with the cabin & when I’m done with it I’ll give you the full scoop of what I had to do to change things around it wasn’t easy I will tell you that part of it, but nothing is easy in life. I will have things where it opens up what […]


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