This is where it all HAPPENS

The Moment of Truth will Tell

What the photo shows is where we started & went from there we don’t have the slaps of rock like you see in the photo BUT we do have some flat surfaces for the water to flow down in. If you tap the photo it will enlarge for you to get a better view of […]

The time has come 😱

No this isn’t the pond I’m doing right now but it MAY BE 1 For the FUTURE for my own. Tomorrow is Thursday & it will be a little bit Cooler to work in digging more dirt & stuff I can work circles around the person I’m doing this for & he knows it but […]

Just HAD to get it DONE

Saturday was a great day for a LONG walk to work on the pond for the day, the walk was about a mile & the work was rearranging & digging dirt all day. The rearranging part was redesigning the ponds yea there’s a S on the end of pond cause we (I)got to looking at […]

Is it hot enough for you?

I use to love being outside working in the yard cutting grass planting plant’s doing whatever I had to do outdoors, but now them days are gone. 15-20 yrs ago it wasn’t nothing for me to spend the day outside piddling around doing what ever came to mind, but now I’ve gotten older & now […]


I hate to be the 1 to say I told you this was coming, but I tried, well it’s here just when you never thought something like this couldn’t happen it HAS 😢Just when we were HOPING to get on top of things has now vanished, poof💨gone. It makes me sick this is happening, not […]

I can’t deal with stupid people

I hope you don’t have to deal with people that don’t understand how simple they could live if they would listen to the 1’s that’s living a simple life & trying to explain how they could do it too. I have tried a 100 times in so many ways to help this person &all he […]


Nothing more gets on my last nerve than people jumping in a conversation before their asked, or when you are talking to that person & they cut you off right in the middle & ramble. I hate being rude to people BUT SOMETIMES you have no choice cause it gets very annoying when the person […]

Life is too short 😢

I’m sorry I haven’t been on here lately, That’s because so much has been going on I lost track somewhere with trying to get things done & hearing the tragic news about a Texas school & 21 people killed. It breaks my heart & soul to hear & see how bad things have gotten in […]

What’s going on People?

The place is PAID OFF Thank God ! ! it’s not the place Iwas hoping to pay off in my life of living my life out but none the less it’s a place to call home for NOW.That gives us a extra 500$ a month to save back &my extra 500$ I can put with […]

Man O Man what happen ?

Well folks it looks like the peoples convoy has been duped by the “ORGNIZERS, yea you read that right it’s a shame too I’ve been going through videos getting the scoop of it all. Please excuse the language, but from what I’ve been watching & hearing they have a right to be P-Oed, I would […]


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