Animal Abuse

Here is something else that I just can’t deal with when it comes to dogs
being mistreated by it’s owners or who ever has dogs that don’t take care
of them, it’s really degusting to know how people treat their own animals.

This story will chill you to the very core of what animals go through from
abuse, if your a dog person like me & others this will break your heart &
make you hate people more than ever before after you listen to this story

People that do this to animals has no love loss for animals or life & if I
catch someone harming a animal in ANY WAY I’ll be on them like a dog
on a bone letting them know that’s not the way to treat a animal & I’d
see if they will let me have it where it can get a better place to cared for.

There are some really AWESOME ANIMAL RESCUE PEOPLE outhelping pets
every single hr everyday of every single year that rolls around & if you are
someone that love animals & has a little something to give that’s a blessing.

I wish I had a big enough place to take in abuse unwanted pets so I could
get them back on their feet again & find good homes for them like I use to
but I don’t have the right place to do that anymore but I appreciate those
that take care of the animals they run into to give them a better life & home protect & love the voiceless.

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