Damn I missed the step hum!

Hey Folks, don’t ask me how I done it, but some how as I was
walking up the steps to the deck to check on the pond & fish
I missed a step & flip a duck down I went DAMIT THAT HURT !

Hubby don’t know cause he’s use to hearing me drop something
while I play with the pond so he don’t think about me falling, &
yes I’m alright I didn’t fall hard but with a bad back, it’s not good.

I think why I fell is cause like I said in my last blog, when you’re
cooped up, other than just going out 2 times a month to pay bills
& get what you need & can afford & go home that’s hard on a body.

So being I hammered to get as much as I could do in a full days job
& the next day (Sunday morning) my leg muscle just buckled on me
so down I went, I tripped/dropped on the 2nd step & on the 3rd one.

I’m fine, I’m not bruised or scratched up. but damn glad I got that
job done, so NOW I’m going to hold off on rearranging my computer
area, cause I want to use a (counter top) for a table top for the tank.

I found 3 that I like, but which 1 would look better than the next 1?
I want 6 extra inches on the ends, & IF possible 3 extra inches in the
front, The tank/aquarium back glass may be painted I’m thinking?

here are the 3 counter tops for the Aquarium table

counter top 1
counter top 2
counter top 3

I’m in favor of the black for a lot of reasons but (BUT) I also like
the 1st 1 over the black cause AGAIN & can do something AMAZING
with a tank that would BLEND into the top like you’ve never seen.

The black 1 I’d go with neon & cardnal tetras, & guppies against a
all black aquarium other than the plants I put in there for the fish
being the frame around the tank is black & black substrate in it.

I CAN A SURE YOU it will be a 1 of a kind aquarium once I get it set
up & the plants are filled in & I get ready to put fish in it for a show
tank, this is My birthday gift I bought & my biggest tank EVER. 💓💓

I see a vision on just how to dress it up with wood & plant’s, rocks
sand, pea gravel, & marbles even, when I get the counter top I’ll put
it on here to let you see what I got & then build the aquarium stand.

well I guess I’ve held you up long enough I’m going to relax & watch
something till I can’t no more & crash so ya’ll take care & I’ll get back
up with you later. stop by any time I’m not far from the computer. bye

2 responses to “Damn I missed the step hum!”

  1. Ouch, your fall just makes me cringe. I hurt all the time. But falls are not a good thing. That’s why I had to eventually get a new knee and a shoulder repair. No more falls is my motto.

    You’ll be sore tonight – maybe some bruising. Hope that’s it.

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    • Yea I hate when that happens, thankfully it doesn’t happen much but when I do it hurts
      but this time it didn’t bother me too much.

      What did, was my back & already have problems trying to keep it from going into a frenzy with spasms is hard enough without falling,


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