What does the future hold?

With the way things are going it sure doesn’t look too promising for any 1 these days going into the future of corruption all across the states, high price inflation & a Government is the blame for it all it’s a disgrace. 😢

Americans have a right to feel free, NOT all this that the government has put on us & THEY FEEL
THREATENED? W-T-H? They have put up fences to

I can’t help but to be OUTRAGED over the way the Government has & is treating people & NOT BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR NONE OF IT ! ! ! WHY? ? cause they knew he was too old that’s why they picked Mr Biden, they knew what they were doing & DIDN’T GIVE A RATS ASS ! ! !

That’s why things are like they are & this is unfair to everyone & our
future kids, People needs to WAKE UP & THINK ABOUT WHAT THEIR KIDS
will be living in after the parents have passed away what they left for them.

I’m glad I can’t have no more kids & mine are adults, but it sure makes me
sad to see YOUNG PEOPLE having kids to abort or that has no real future
to look forward to, This is demented from the GET GO! ! ! we HAVE no future.

People this is what BAD GOVERNMENT LOOKS LIKE & how lives is destroyed
I have a few videos for you to learn how our future is being attacked from
our Government & if this doesn’t set you off into a rage then I d k what will.

Rising mortgage ratesViolence is already beginning & then there’s THIS
Democrats are threatening to burn our system to the ground Our GOV’T IS
DOING THIS to us, you me EVERYONE & we HAVE TO STOP THIS with our voices & our votes, we need a SUNUMIE RED WAVE to get back our freedom.

I’d like to HEAR what you have to say on this & what you think about on
the 3 videos I posted on the blog for you to hear for yourself, if your as enraged as the rest of us are about all this, cause I’m beside myself on it.

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