When do we call it QUITS?

It’s been a HARD-STEAMING 24 HRS, not just weather
related, but mind steaming, trying to help a person
get out of the mind set he’s in & get in a better life
without the booze “beer” & depression state of mind.

So I spent Friday evening into the night up to 1am
working on the pond of what work I could get out
of this person & he went to bed & I stayed up with
doing what I had to do with the pond till 4:30am.

It gave me a few hours of peace & quite to think
about what needed to be done as much as I could
do be -4 the rain comes which is TODAY, 7/24/22.

When I got to his house to work on the pond “5pm
Friday” I don’t know how many beers he’s had, but I
CAN TELL YOU, the next morning “Saturday” he drank
a 18 pk of beer & by 5-6 pm I had to call it Quicks.

Why? cause he was BARFFING All the beer up on a
empty stomach, & I lost my cool, & was working in
the pond putting the rocks in the pond, well pond
was done cause I can’t be in & out of the pond to
get what rocks I need to go where so I’m home now.

So how steaming did it get? when I lost my mind on
what he said about what he felt about his life, & I’ve
known this person a few years (10) So it just floored
me, I lost my cool & said somethings I know I shouldn’t
have & didn’t say anything about finishing the pond
that’s within Hrs. of being done & just came home.

Will I finish the pond? OH YEAH but not in a 100 degree
heat & a drunk that can’t keep up with a 64 yr. old
a 20 yr. old & his in his 40’s with a head disorder YEA.

I’m going to wait till mid September to start back on
it again cause it gets a little cooler weather to work in
& by then I hope he’ll have his head on the project
but I can pretty well forget that too cause he can’t
focus on anything other than a beer in his hands.

I did make a video of what’s going on & I’ll have to
share it in another blog cause we may lose power
I don’t want to start over on this 1 if we lose power.

So be on the look out for another blog in a few days
take care & thanks for stopping in appropriate it.

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