This isn’t good at all


Pay EXTRA ATTENTION to these 2 + videos cause it’s going to hurt
it’s not going to get any better any time soon as you listen to the
1st video I PRAY you take time to listen its VERY IMPORTANT.

The 2nd video if you go to time mark 21;35 that’s where he starts talking about what is going on & if you listened to the 1st video you’ll hear a dif,
story about the same thing, so you be the judge on what you think is going on, what are you seeing & from where cause other people need to know.

I don’t believe anything Powell has to say he’s not for the people so
B-WARE I’d trust the 1st video than I would Powell ANY DAY ! ! ! & here
is another thing that I heard this morning about every 1 is leaving the democrat party.

See what Larry Kudlow is saying on inflation & how long it’s going to take
to get back where we was 3 yrs ago, & a whole lot more about what’s going on that’s not being talked about when people NEED TO KNOW about it.

If You want to get the real story stick with #Fox news, #Newsmax, those
are the only 2 I listen to mainly, if you have a trusted news source you
can trust I’d like to hear it, cause when it comes to people & life I like
to have the truth & not have to worry about how true they really are.

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