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Truth vs lies with Gov’t & God

Man OH MAN do I have something for you, look what
God almighty has put B-4 me to share with you all here
I’ve been saying this for a good long time & here it is.

I laid out the videos just like God said to & if this isn’t scary
what’s more scary is each video relates to each other 1-2-3
You listen to 30 mins of the 1st video & go down to the next 1
down to the last 1 & tell me what is running through your mind.

God ALMIGHTY has the answers & the power to destroy earth
& to reform it cause HE CREATED IT ! ! ! we can’t change that
with the green deal of the next generation, God hates the idea.

I listened to all 3 of these videos & that’s why God told me to
share them with you cause there’s a lot to be learned from it
things that people don’t want to talk about cause its true.

We need to have these conversations with any & everyone who
don’t know what is really going on cause of the networks they
have or don’t have & God is the best network there is today.


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