Where is the common sense ?

I have been busy with a lot of stuff the past few days, but I have been
keeping up with the news of all sorts of B/S that’s been going on lately
& it seems to me that people have lost the COMMON SENSE in life. πŸ€”

I don’t know if you know what “read between the lines” means or
“Think outside the box” means, but it should be pretty simple right ?
well to most, but not everyone has heard them terms this day & age.

It’s a gift that God almighty gave us to make life easier to prepare for
or to give us the INSIGHT to know what’s ahead, & how to get through
it, If you have ever dealt with hard times in your life you’d know.

I’ve lived through a lot of things in my life time (65) & I thank god I’m
still alive, but what I’ve been hearing & seeing, I just shake my head
it’s enough to wonder what on earth were you thinking “if you were“.

Life (like it or not) is GODS greatest gift of allsome may not agree
but a lot of them will, here’s what I’m trying to get at, agree or not
the life we have is the ONLY 1 WE HAVE ! once it’s gone, it’s over. πŸ•₯

So I hope that I still have your attention with what I’m going to share
with you about Where is the common sense? & how to use it in life
yea it sounds lame & off, but sometimes the facts are real & touch 😒

In this 1st video would be a good place to start cause we’re all about
climate change right ? well 1st things 1st, who controls the weather ?
it’s not man, it’s God, Don’t “MESS WITH MOTHER NATURE” Liston close.

2nd video, Talking about the big wigs in office about what their about
If I said it once I KNOW I’ve said it a 100 times over THEY DON’T CARE
if people haven’t figured it out by now then there’s no hope left for them.

3rd video, I don’t care what side of the fence your on, but common sense
should tell us who is for Americans & who’s not, it isn’t that hard to do
Ted Cruz puts it straight up & it’s all about who they can screw over.

I know that you could care less about what’s going on in the white house
but you should care, cause everything they are doing involves your lives
like where you work how much $ you make how & where you spend your $.

This is why I share things like this with you cause I care about your lives
& well being & try to help you to prepare for what is going on with them
the more you know the better prepared you can be when sht hits the fan.

To Make Your life easier for what’s coming, you need to start paying attention to what is going on with what they are doing & like I said
earlier read between the lines, think outside the box vote them out.

4th video, If You want your lives back from the left then we have to
make it happen & to do that we have to SHOW them we want them
OUT ! ! yes they cheated us on the last election but not THIS TIME ! !

With the FBI hearing you’ll hear certain questions that they won’t answer
cause they know the answer won’t set right with the people that voted
them in office
, it’s worth listening to so you get an idea of what’s going on.

This is where common sense comes in with voting the right people in
office to HELP PEOPLE not DESTROY THEM ! ! ! I hope what I shared with
you has helped in 1 way or the other to be ready for what’s ahead.

2 responses to “Where is the common sense ?”

  1. The common sense is not common

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it is, if you think ahead of time &
      vision the thought your thinking about.


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