It’s Getting There

1 step at a time

It’s getting there slowly but surely, It’s been a challenge
on me myself & I, this whole ordeal has been a challenge
from the weather to the person I’m doing this for & the pond.

But I’m not a quitter when I get on something like this that
I’m determined to get done, 1 way or another cause I’ve
always wanted a decent size pond to sit at & just veg at.

Well it being at a friends place & it’s just a mile away I
can just go over there & spend what ever time I want
as long as I want, when I want, & that’s all good & dandy.

As a matter of fact even with all the setbacks I’ve ran into
I’m just about where I need to be on getting things done
I have both holes done, I have the waterfall somewhat done
I have the bottom liner in place, I’m working on the berm.

A berm is the edging around a pond to keep everything in
that you put flag stones on or build up with bolder rocks
well by the time I get done with it it’s not going ANY WHERE.

The LAST THING I will have left to do is the waterfall & that
will be the MAIN ATTRACTION of the whole pond, that’s why
I’m leaving it for last so I focus on just that to get it right.

The video shows how much has been done & when I record
the next time I start working on it, you’ll see how far I’ve gotten
with mostly me doing all the work, but that’s alright I’ll get it.

Best quote there is in life, don’t just talk about what to
accomplish, Make it happen. . . that right there is the key.

I got a full week this week with paying bills & dr appt & the weather
so this week is pretty well shot for working on the pond, but COME
THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY to Friday it’s HANDS ON to get mostly done.

I’ll make a video of the whole area of the pond looking OVER it to
where you can see just how BIG it really is & what it’s going to look
like after it’s all said & done with the waterfall going & everything.

Where when I shut it down for the winter this yr, all I’ll have left to
do IS put the shade cloth over it & turn on the water & FILL IT UP
& PLUG in the waterfall to watch the water flow when next year
comes in 🤞 & I can’t wait to be the 1st to see it in action ✋hi-5.

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