Recycling plastic bottles

Tips & ideas on recycling bottles

How many people recycle their plastic bottles? I do, why?
cause recycling bottles cuts buying cost for other things
it helps the planet, very useful in a lot of ways in life.

I know it’s not good for me to drink sodas instead of water
but I do, so I save a lot of bottles in a short span of time
so when I get enough of them I like to find ways to reuse them.

So what better way to recycle them into something fun to
make, like say a suncatcher? I haven’t seen 1 made yet but
I am thinking of trying to make 1 & see how it turns out. 🤔

If I use 2 bottles, cut the BODY of the plastic bottles & take
the tops & bottoms off, use a iron to flatten the sheet of
plastic put glass beads on the 1 sheet of plastic & put the
2nd sheet over the beads, put on the cookie pan in a heated
oven for a few mins so the plastic would melt over the beads.

Or make laminated like a photo of some sort or another ?
I have a # of birds & bloom books & by ALMOST doing the
same thing as the suncatcher but some what different.

Cut 2 soda bottles to get a large sheet of plastic or 1 small
bottle for small photos, flatten both sheets with a iron till
there flat, then let cool & put the photo you want in-b-
the 2 sheets of plastic, then repeat with the iron to
reheating the 2 pieces of plastic together to seal the photo.

Sound pretty interesting when there’s nothing else better
to do & who knows where it would lead into if it was seen
by others who would have never known or thought about it.

Have you ever tried any of these tricks & ideas ?
Happy Turkey day, hope you have the best 1 ever with what it cost.

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